"Main akela hi chala tha Janib – e – manzil magar, log saath aate gaye aur kaarvan banta gaya…” Majrooh Sultanpuri"

Story of Takshi Auto is a journey very similar to the above verses by the famous poet. A journey that began in March 2003 with employee strength of 8, today stands proud with multifold growth in various facets.

In volatile market conditions, it is our core values that have helped us see good growth in our business. While we were growing through this period, we made many changes in our way of doing business, be it improving our capital allocation methodologies or diversification of our investments. We introspected and found that there are certain values that must not be changed which have helped us to keep our growth quotient higher. These values were and are taking us in the right direction and they are our core values. Values of  Integrity, Customer centricity, Entrepreneurial thinking and Passion towards Excellence. While our business strategies may change from time to time, our foundation is our core values.

Need of the hour for us and for anyone in this business is to embrace Industry 4.0. E-Axles and 3 D printing are going to be the next big leap for us to face this exciting challenge and we are all geared up for this.

I take this platform to thank all my customers, suppliers, employees and other stakeholders who have been a pillar of support in this growth trajectory with me.

Mr. Amol Patel,

As said by the Greek Philosopher Heraclitus “Change is the only constant” we at Takshi follow the same philosophy of constantly changing to find better ways in everything we do as it is important to evolve with time and changing technology and no change leads to a stagnant plateau.

Hence in recent years to stay abreast with the current advancements we have laid emphasis on Investments in Technology in terms of automation, Industry 4.0, etc on our production lines and simultaneously for our Management systems like Finance, Supply Chain, CRM, SRM, Human Resource along with real-time data analytics and Dashboards to empower our managers for having a better control in their day to day activities.

Sustainable growth is integral for survival in today’s VUCA world, and we at Takshi focus towards the Planet, People and Profit for our sustained growth. Maintaining a Green environment through the use of Solar energy, recycling waste water, rain water harvesting, carrying out Tree plantation drives, reducing our carbon footprints are some of the initiatives we emphasise on.

Giving back to the society through our CSR projects has always been looked at as our moral responsibility, here we lay more focus on empowering the girl child through education, creating E classroom for the future generations to be an integral part of Digital India, working for the betterment of the specially-abled children. And for all these, we encourage the participation of the entire Takshi Family from our workers to our Managing Director.

We are always open to accept and learn for personal as well as Company’s betterment and growth. I am personally thankful to all associated with Takshi Auto for having shown their faith in our capabilities and for having always stood by us in all our ups and downs throughout these years.

Ms. Smita Patel,
Commercial Director