We a strong infrastructural capacity; our list of facilities include a Stamping facility up to 1200 ton Muller make Hydraulic press, Robotic Welding Cells, Powder coating with 5 tank pre-treatment process, SPMs for critical machining, CMM facility from Sharp & Brown, Weld penetration checking lab, Automated assembly line, Edge milling SPM, Straightening SPM, Component machining – VMC & HMC centers (Single Spindle & Double Spindle) and Leak testing facility for Banjo Housing.

Precision Welding and Machining Facility

Robotic welding (Friction / preheated) ensures precision as well as reliability devoid of any errors. We have special straightening SPM’s that are dedicated to straightening operations wherein any deformities like minute bends created during the product manufacturing during the heating process are corrected. Our precision machining facility houses HMC, VMC, and CNC machines.

Forming Infrastructure

We house a couple of hydraulic presses of 1200 ton and 800 ton capacity for critical forming operations.

Surface Treatment Facility

With Automated Powder coating facility and liquid painting facility, we ensure superior finish with consistent results.

Product Testing & Inspection Facility

CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine), Standard Room and Labs ensure product testing & inspection of products to assess & mitigate the flaws in the final product.