Digitization is the buzz word in the corporate world today and more so with the HR function. HR Analytics, Cloud Computing, Social media and the like are becoming like a hygiene factor for a seamless HR service. Digital Analytics gives power to HR professionals to take appropriate decisions related to people and the trends. In today’s fast-paced work life, mobility is of utmost importance and going mobile with better access to data is very useful.

Another integral part of the HR function is cloud computing which is mainly used for recruitments, payroll and other administration activities. It provides great accuracy with less hassle to bother about the changes in statutory regulations as these applications usually do take care of those dynamics. Apart from this great collaboration across geographic regions with ease is a greater benefit of cloud computing.

With all this in place, the function of HR should slowly and gradually transition into a much bigger and significant role. HR must play the role of a strategic partner. HR must have strategy and vision and align itself to the business goals. Future of personnel in HR will depend on the above skills rather than the mundane HR admin related activities. Embracing a strategic mindset will be the future of HR. Digitization can provide the needed analytics with accuracy but the Strategic HR role can only be played by a highly competitive HR personnel.