Takshi Auto Pvt. Ltd. has always been an organization that is socially and ecologically aware. We have made it a point to operate in an ethical and sustainable manner. Every facet of our business is put in place taking into consideration the three P’s –

People, Planet and Profit.


Providing safe working conditions in all our facilities is our prime responsibility and we have designed and implemented various safe practices. While taking care of the legal requirements, safety programs required behavioural changes. Hence working on safety initiatives every single day was imperative.

Diversity, Equity and inclusion.

Diversity, Equity and inclusion was embraced as a conscious call by the top management. We believe that diversity brings with it varied experiences and promotes innovation. DIE is a part of our strategy. Our diversity performance has seen great improvement over years. This is monitored periodically and reviewed.

We are an active part of several community development initiatives that focus their efforts on girl child education wherein we pay for educating little girls and help them build a future for themselves. Our team actively participates in our CSR activities during festivals by donating wholeheartedly. In addition to that, we work closely in association with a blind girl’s school to support their education and help them become financially independent. Our central aim while undertaking all of these activities is to bring a moments of joy & happiness in people’s lives.

In addition to the community services, we strive to reduce our carbon footprint by managing waste in an efficient manner and taking measures to conserve energy. To avoid wastage of water all our gardens are grown using recycled water from the relevant treatment facilities. We firmly believe that our actions in the aforementioned areas will make a significant difference and bring about an overall positive change in the community.

Our employees have been actively contributing during the pandemic by helping the policemen in their vicinity with hot and cold drinks to keep them going. Old smartphones were repaired and donated to needy children for their education. Donated oxygen respiratory machine along with masks and shields among other charity activities.


Sustainability practices benefit all stakeholders. We are dedicated to protecting our environment through adopting various operational improvements. This is done by setting specific goals and measuring our performance.

Setting power usage caps across all locations over 2 years, we have achieved significant reduction in power usage or wastage and have achieved the set target. Such initiatives brings together all our employees and creates an awareness towards our resources. We have encouraged our team to come up with improved operations to reduce energy consumption. Each unit is encouraged to submit their proposal to achieve this and such programs are reviewed, monitored and recognised during our Annual Performance Awards program.

Similar to the power reduction programs we have water reduction, conservation, rain water harvesting initiatives which contribute towards are sustainability program. This called for a lot of behavioural changes to see improvements. We strived to achieve our targets over years.

We have a rainwater harvesting system installed in our units which has considerably improved our water consumption and water wastage. We are maintaining a garden where tree plantation is a regular feature and we use the treated water for the plants. Our team comes together with great zeal and enthusiasm in these initiatives which helps us monitor our water performance.

The 3 Rs reduce, reuse and recycle concept is implied on the material used for packaging in all our units. We have deliberate and strong focus in this regard. The impact of these initiatives are measured and improved upon.


Ethical business practices stand at the core of everything we do. Code of conduct is monitored measured and analysed annually. Compliance of all regulatory requirements is a no compromise matter at Takshi Auto. Awareness and training programs are conducted annually to all our employees regarding code of conduct which directly or indirectly impacts the way we do our business. We have policies related to code of conduct. During important festivals giving and receiving any kind of gifts from any one is strictly prohibited and this is communicated through displays in all our locations. We believe that an ethical environment liberates us and we can focus on the core vision of the organization and achieve better results.